Dragonflight VR Launches on Steam Early Access

Fantasy medieval worlds are some of the most popular themes for videogame title since the industry began. And one of the most popular creatures that appear is the dragon. Titles like Panzer Dragoon have enabled gamers to fly the mighty mythical beasts but now indie videogame developer Blackthorn Media is taking that experience one step further. Launched this week on Steam Early Access is virtual reality (VR) compatible title Dragonflight which aims to take dragon flying to the next level.

Dragonflight is a fast paced, fantasy, aerial combat title where you play as a dragon, battling swarms of enemies in massive destructible environments as you race to save the world from an ancient evil. Players will face up to twenty enemies crowding the skies around them, ancient castles teeming with archers, and lost wizard towers shrouded in mist.

The title currently supports the Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display (HMD), with developer Blackthorn Media stating on its Steam page that other major VR platforms will be supported as they emerge. The studio is currently running a discounted offer, with Dragonflight retailing for £10.19 GBP until Monday 7th September. The normal price for the Steam Early Access videogame is £11.99 GBP, giving a discount of 15%.

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest updates from Blackthorn Media regarding the VR features of Dragonflight and report back.