Climax, Fire Panda and 63 Other Studios Join OSVR, New Software Updates Revealed

It’s a big day for Razer’s Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) ecosystem as the group has announced a new, consumer-focused version of its Hacker Dev Hit (HDK) VR head-mounted display (HMD) that will be accepting pre-orders from next month. But that’s not all that OSVR has to reveal today; a total of 65 new companies have been announced to be coming on board. Not only that but OSVR has also launched some major new software updates for those currently working with the system.

OSVR Hacker Dev Kit

The full list of companies can be seen below. Notable additions include Climax Studios, the UK-based developer behind the Bandit Six series for the Gear VR mobile HMD and Fire Panda, the VR team currently working on crowd-funded project Echo Red.

Elsewhere, OSVR has introduced a new set of software updates, highlighted by the addition of the OSVR Render Manager which allows for ‘optimal low-latency rendering on any OSVR-supported device’. The system supports NDVIDIA’s own Gameworks VR tech and provides, Direct Mode, Fronter Render Buffering and Context Priority.

“Our work with NVIDIA is a key step towards achieving our goal of providing developers with a comprehensive infrastructure that allows creating high-performance VR and AR experiences regardless of the particular operating system, HMD platform, game engine or input peripherals,” says Yuval Boger, CEO of OSVR pioneer Sensics. “OSVR allows the VR/AR community to create exciting experiences without being locked in to any single vendor.”

The full list of new partners includes: A4VR, Aboard the Looking Glass, Aerys, Android, Windows, OSX, Linux, The Bar L’Atelier, Basemark, BCAA, BlueFrog Robotics, Bnome, Box, Boost VC, CaptoGlove, Climax Studios, DailyVR World, DeepStreamVR, Erogneers, Lab3, Fallen Planet Studios, FIERY THINGS, Fire Panda, F/LAT, Glue Engine, Hendesehane, Immersive Entertainment, Infinity Augmented Reality, inMotionVR, itch.io, Jimbomania, Kraken Realtime, Legacy Games, Legendary VR, Mindemia, Minecrift, Motion Reality, Inc., Neomancer LLC, NeuroDigital Technologies, Oasis VR, Omnifnity, Overpower Studios, Q42, One Unify, RJ360VR, Schell Games, Selvz’s SmartVR Platform, Serious Simulations, SpheresVR, Surprise Attack Games, Surreal, Pixelboom, Terranovita, Tiny Bull Studios, Toxic Games, TREEHOUSE, Ultrabox, Unibrain Technologies, Vicator, VR Nerds, VR Philippines, VRARlab, vrAse, Vrideo, Woojer, XAP Electronics, YoutopiaVR, and YouVisit.

VRFocus will continue to follow OSVR closely, reporting back with any further updates from the group.