Chronos is ‘100%’ Oculus Exclusive, Gunfire ‘thinking about’ Another VR Project

One of the titles that’s most associated with the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) at this point in time is Chronos from Gunfire Games. Studio president David Adams was one of the few to walk out on stage and talk about its third-person role-playing game (RPG) at Oculus VR’s pre-E3 show back in June 2015. Speaking to VRFocus since then, Adams confirmed that Chronos is indeed exclusive to the Oculus Rift alone, though the developer is contemplating some other VR projects that might not be.

Chronos screenshot

In an interview that will be published in full later this week, Adams stated that Chronos is ‘100%’ exclusive to Oculus VR’s PC-based HMD. But the project also isn’t the only idea that the developer has cooked up for VR. “We actually pitched [Oculus VR] 2 different games and they were just like ‘Alright, tell us which one you want to make’,” Adams said. “And they were pretty cool about it.”

When asked if this second idea could ever see the light of day, he replied: “Maybe, I can’t really share about it. We’ve got a lot of ideas but we’ve got, specifically, another VR idea that we’re thinking about.”

It sounds like Gunfire Games could have a strong future in VR, then. “So far we’ve really enjoyed it,” Adams said of development. “I’ll admit when we first went in we were a little sceptical as far as what we thought you could and couldn’t do but– and again, there’s just no substitute for when you put the headset on and, like, we see a lot of demos and we have the DK2 and the DK1 and you put it and on you go ‘that’s cool, that’s cool.’ But it’s nice to be working on like a game and to see ‘Hey, how does this experience translate to an actual game with like levels and progression?’ And it works really well and it’s really cool.”

Stay tuned to VRFocus later in the week for the full interview with Gunfire Games.