CCP Games’ Gunjack using Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games recently released Unreal Engine 4.9, which included not only a massive list of general updates and fixes, but also a host of virtual reality (VR) additions. In the studios recent blog posting, it gives a brief run down on 4.9 but also mentions the work done with CCP Games’ virtual reality (VR) title Gunjack.

Gunjack is due to be released on Samsung’s Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) this Autumn. Dana Cowley who wrote the blog said: We’ve had the pleasure of helping CCP show Gunjack to folks behind closed doors, and can confirm you should check it out.”


Set in the EVE Online science-fiction universe and built exclusively for VR, Gunjack is a fast-paced arcade shooting experience in which the player has to fight through waves of enemy ships. The title features weapon powerups as the enemies increase in number and in scale.

Unreal Engine 4 will also be holding an event in San Francisco, on 5th November 2015 for mobile developers, with an hour’s talk dedicated to creating mobile VR experiences. Those wishing to attend will need to register at Eventbright, with admission costing $49 USD excluding fees.

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest announcements for CCP Games on Gunjack and any other VR titles.