CableRobot Simulator Takes VR to the Next Level

Depending on the type of virtual reality (VR) experience, various peripherals currently being designed and marketed for VR are going to be useful for enhancing gameplay. Whether that’s haptic gloves, omni-directional treadmills or motion sensing controllers. All these devices have one thing in common, they are designed for home consumer use. But how far could you take this? Well a team from Germany has built the CableRobot Simulator to use in VR.

A team of technical engineers from the the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, based in Tübingen, Germany, created the CableRobot Simulator. Using a carbon fibre cage that can move, tilt and rotate by eight steel hydraulic cables attached to the frame, the simulator replicates players movements whilst they are sat inside.

The project which has been in development for 2 years in partnership with the Research Group for cable robots at the Fraunhofer IPA.

The video below shows the simulator in action, and it looks very impressive, but the warehouse sized space needed, along with the industrial winch system means VR fans probably won’t be adapting one for their living room.

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