Businesses Go 360 Degrees With Iris360 & New Street View App

The continuing developments in 360 degree filming received another announcement earlier this month as NCTech revealed their iris360 camera will begin shipping this month. Remote-controlled via smartphone or tablet, iris360 is capable of capturing high-resolution 360 degree images and an 8K resolution HDR panoramic image in less than two minutes.

The shipping date coincides with the launch of Google’s latest Google Maps app, a new Street View that has integration with the Iris360. Users will now be able to both capture and upload their high-resolution panoramic via the app.

“The high resolution and speed of the iris360 camera makes it the perfect tool to support business participation in Street View,” said Google Street View Apps Product Manager on the technology. “NCTech has taken an important step in helping others record and explore our world with high fidelity, 360 degree imagery.”

It is one of several recent successes for NCTech, which it says has seen an increase in interest from both photographers and businesses in general in its $1,999 device. These including a recent investment from Chicago based commercial photography agency MassInteract.

“We want to offer more businesses the opportunity to enhance their online presence with panoramic images,” said MassInteract’s CEO Adil Qayyum on the move into VR. “With its fast, high-quality output and automated integration with Street View, iris360 is a tool that can help us quickly scale up our business.”

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