‘Bad Content’ Has the Potential to Destroy VR Industry States Emmy Winner

Content will always be ‘King’ when it comes to entertainment technologies. It doesn’t matter how good a device is, if the content is poor, minimal or worse then it’ll never take off. In a recent interview Emmy winner James Milward of entertainment production company Secret Locations, explained that ‘Bad content’ has the potential to destroy the virtual reality (VR) industry.

In the interview by BBC Click, Milward was asked about how Secret Locations created the experience and the future of VR content.

“Whether it VR or augmented reality or participatory theatre, or whatever we’re going to get into, the idea that stories can be told in a frameless environment is what’s exciting. The fundamental thing that will destroy the potential of the industry is bad content, because if the first thing anybody sees in VR either makes them nauseous, or is not good, or isn’t engaging to the degree that something they can watch on another platform is, then it will immediately cause a disconnect and for them to discount the value of the property,” said Milward.

Secret Locations John Milward

The Sleepy Hollow Virtual Reality Experience which was developed by Secret Location and produced by Fox, won in the awards “Interactive Media, User Experience and Visual Design” category, a first for a VR experience.

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