Australian DoD Collaborating With Oculus VR

Virtual reality (VR) for many years had been the preserve of the military due to large costs involved, but with the creation of the Oculus Rift by Palmer Luckey and the subsequent advances made in the last few years those costs have come down considerably. Now because of the reduced costs the Australian Department of Defence’s Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) has begun a study to explore VR and its potential use within the defence force in the future.

Oculus VR is collaborating with the DST to perform a study which has been administered to improve performance, education and training within the military environment, and will include up to 60 defence civilian and military personnel reports ZDNet.


In a statement DST said: “DST Group supports Defence in maintaining a technology watch. This involves understanding and evaluating emerging technologies, such as low cost VR. The improved performance of such systems, combined with the low cost and ease of use suggests that there will be considerable interest from various training providers, including Defence, in potentially exploiting such technologies. DST Group is working to understand some of the potential negative consequences of such technologies as well, such as VR simulator sickness.”

With companies like Oculus VR partnering with government agencies to help build better training systems for personnel, the knock on effect should hopefully be improved entertainment devices for general consumer use. VRFocus will continue to report any further details on the advancements being made in VR technology.