Ascape Announces Payment Model for VR Creators

Ascape the virtual reality (VR) platform that launched its app last month with its first experience You Are Here: San Francisco, has now announced a payment model for VR filmmakers. This is to support individual content creators in the growing VR field who upload their experiences to Ascape.

The new payment model would see producers of VR content directly profit from their work – not just one, but every time their video is downloaded, whilst still keeping the app free for users.


For submissions Ascape does have some guidelines: the films must be related in some way to travel or virtual tourism, and they must be of high technical quality. Payment starts at $0.10 USD per user download, as well as a flat publishing sum of $100 for each individual video. For content creators who are willing to publish exclusively to the Ascape platform, the company will offer higher payouts, but those have not been divulged.

Created this year by Daniel Moroz with a team of VR developers and filmmakers as a platform for cinematic 360 degree VR content, Ascape has added several other experiences to its roster, including: The Alien Desert and Grizzly Bear with a Beer.  Currently the app is available for Android smartphones but Ascape is also planning versions for Gear VR and iOS to be released in the near future.

VRFocus will continue to report on any further updates from Ascape as they’re announced.