AR Blends With Fashion at the Ace Hotel

Originally beginning as commissioned project for NewHive a multimedia-publishing platform, a new show titled Blastosphere: Digital Art Becomes 3D Fashion, is launching this week in New York. Hosted by The Gallery at Ace Hotel New York, the month long exhibition brings together fashion with cutting edge digital art, featuring augmented reality (AR).


The show, which features works by Alexandra Gorczynski, Miles Peyton, and Tara Sinn, uses REIFY’s AR technology to bring digitally created online art into the physical world by translating it to a piece of clothing.

Lindsay Howard, curator and director of the online commissioning program at NewHive, told The Creators Project: “This was a unique opportunity to showcase the artworks offline in a way that held true to the original composition. I named the exhibition Blastosphere because this process made us think about the incredible mutability of digital art. Once you create a digital file, it can be a work in itself or a starting point for any number of creative iterations.”

The exhibition began on the 3rd September and will be running for the entire month. A second event will take place at the New Museum Store on Sunday 13th September from 7–9pm, where the garments, made by Print All Over Me will be available for general sale.

VRFocus will continue to follow on all aspects of AR use and report back.