Aldin Dynamics Announces VR Analytics Tool, Ghostline

With the rise of multiplayer gaming and internet-connected consoles over the past decade, developers and publishers have found it increasingly easier to track statistics and information about the titles they release. This can make for some entertaining graphs and charts, but more importantly tells developers how their content is being received and interacted with. Virtual reality (VR) technology, with its new forms of input and interaction, presents a whole new challenge for data gathering. That’s something that the developer of popular VR experience Asunder: Earthbound is looking to address with an announcement today.


Iceland-based Aldin Dynamics has announced Ghostline, a new visualisation and analytics solution for VR experiences. The kit tracks data gathered from VR head-mounted display’s (HMD’s) own sensors as well as position and motion-tracked controllers and the physical movements of a player, combining them with AI techniques in order to analyse behaviour within a VR experience. This will then provide developers with information that they can use to improve their titles, highlighting areas of improvement and more.

“Virtual reality is the most powerful medium in history and engages users in an entirely new manner,” said Hrafn Thorisson, CEO and co­founder of Aldin Dynamics. “Software now has power over physical sensations such as a sense of personal space, fear of heights or claustrophobia. The experiences are so powerful that user behavior becomes as complex as in real life. In order to wield that power effectively, it is vital to understand the relationships between content and users.”

Developers interested in Ghostline can already sign-up for early access trials of the kit. Aldin Dynamics itself will be at the Oculus Connect developer event in Hollywood, California later this week to talk about the system. The company is also currently developing a brand new Gear VR title by the name of Twisted Realms.

VRFocus will continue to follow Aldin Dynamics’ work closely, reporting back with any further VR-related updates.