Xilinx Providing Tech for OSVR Hacker Development Kit

The Open-Source Virtual Reality Consortium has selected Xilinx All Programmable devices to manufacture the industry’s first, fully upgradable virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), the Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) Hacker Development Kit, Xilinx, Inc. has revealed. Originally revealed at CES 2015, Las Vegas, in January of this year, OSVR provides developers a modularised platform to create their content. 

Co-founded by Razer, the Open-Source Virtual Reality Consortium aims to set an open standard for VR, beginning with the OSVR HMD. Xilinx, a member of the OSVR ecosystem, provides technologies that accelerate the platform deployment with shorter production times and variety of interface standards including HDMI, Display Port and USB.

OSVR Hacker Dev Kit

“Xilinx FPGAs and All Programmable SoCs provide customisation options to make the Hacker Development Kit versatile and easy to reprogram. This allows developers to make tweaks for added functionality like multiple sensors and algorithms for computer vision processing,” said Lau Lee Yang, senior director for OSVR business development at Razer. “In the near future the Hacker Development Kit will also be able to offload software processing tasks such as optical distortion correction using its hardware and potentially perform image enhancement functions.”

“We are proud to provide the industry’s first modular Virtual Reality headset, the OSVR Hacker Development Kit with Razer,” said Steven Fong, director of the consumer market segment at Xilinx.  “Xilinx’s industry-leading, All Programmable product portfolio is perfect for applications like the OSVR platform that need a low density programmable solution with a broad feature set for varying levels of integration, performance and power at a low cost.”

Xilinx Logo

The OSVR Hacker Development Kit, which includes a positioning and head tracking device, display and double lens optics, has started shipping to selected developers. VRFocus got hands-on with the device earlier this year and will keep you updated with all the latest details on the OSVR platform.