War Thunder Developer Making A VR Exclusive Videogame

Russian developer Gaijin Entertainment has been one of the earliest supporters of virtual reality (VR) technology with its popular World War 2 (WW2) era online combat title, War Thunder. The free-to-play title has supported the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) on PC for a long time now, and Gaijin Entertainment was one of the first studios to work on Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE’s) Project Morpheus HMD for PlayStation 4. War Thunder is expected to support the launch of the consumer versions of both devices next year, but what comes next? Will the developer ever work on a dedicated VR videogame?


The answer is simple; it already is. Gaijin Entertainment CEO Anton Yudintsev confirmed as much to VRFocus during an interview at Gamescom 2015 earlier this month. “We are making one,” Yudintsev replied when asked if the studio might ever work on a VR exclusive title. “We in Gaijin are making a VR dedicated game. We are making it, it’s not announced yet.” The CEO wouldn’t offer up any further details about the project or when fans can expect to see it. That said, with War Thunder‘s VR support still in development and the developer’s vehcile combat title, Crossout, still on the way, it may be some time before it surfaces.

Both virtual and augmented reality (AR) are huge areas of interest for Gaijin Entertainment, which has also experimented with Microsot’s Kinect motion-sensing camera and, more recently, taken a look into mixed reality (MR) using both that device and the Oculus Rift. In fact, the developer has been a keen supporter of other technologies such as 3D display and earlier head-tracking solutions, so it’s hardly surprising to find the team is committing itself to VR development.

VRFocus will continue to follow Gaijin Entertainment’s work in VR closely, reporting back with any further updates from the studio.