VR Art Installation Showcasing at the Barbican

While virtual reality (VR) is seen as the next innovation in videogames, and is being used by global industries for marketing and training purposes, others are starting to use the technology to explore its artistic uses in modern art. Visual artist Iain Nicholls has been exploring VR in an art installation piece called Veil.

Nicholls in collaboration with creative technology studio Mbryonic has created Veil as an art installation that uses VR technologies to transport visitors into an alternate reality where they can experience art in new and extraordinary ways, in the process subverting the gallery experience.

Veil uses an Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD) along with a projector and screen, presumably so other visitors can view what is happening when someone has the HMD on. The installation will be shown at the Barbican gallery this weekend (22nd – 23rd August) and then at the Herrick gallery Mayfair on 4th – 18th October 2015, further details can be found here.

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