Visit the Bronze Age in Virtual Reality Thanks to The British Museum

This weekend sees The British Museum open its doors to the public to experience the Bronze Age through virtual reality (VR) technology for the very first time.

The experience centres around a 4,000 year old round house where visitors can engage with the past through Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) as well as the real objects found in the galleries. Tablets, and a projection of the recreated house into a dome structure will also be available for groups of up to five to enter.


Digital 3D recreations of three bronze age objects will be available for visitors to examine and there will be talks by the galleries curator Neil Wilkin, reports the Guardian. Wilkin says: “The technology is particularly useful for the bronze age, a difficult period for visitors to engage with and imagine museum objects in their original context. The bronze age people are very annoying to archaeologists, they tended to scour the sites bare and burn their houses to the ground when they abandoned them, and bury their objects in pits up to a mile away.”

The roundhouse VR experience was created by Soluis Heritage, and Martin McDonnell, chief executive of the company has credited the videogame industry for bringing VR into the affordable mainstream with the vast amount of money the industry has invested: “We’re seeing the rapid democratisation of what had been very exclusive technology,” he said.

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest news on VR and report back any further announcements.