Virtual Reality Title RETREAT Releases Early Gameplay Video

Virtual reality (VR) entertainment encompasses an already sizable range of videogames, 360 degree videos and more. While many of these tend to be centred around exciting, action orientated experiences, some developers are keen to examine a gentler more relaxed approach to VR. And Most Ancient is trialling this type of experience for its first VR title RETREAT.

RETREAT gameplay revolves around moving objects using very slow, gentle head movement, and listening for ambient sound cues to navigate an invisible architecture.

The game takes place on a platform hovering over a minimal landscape. The player can move the platform through space by changing the position of a gaze-powered “token”. Success entails very slow movement and correctly responding to sound cues. There are 4 ambient sound sources per level and each source holds a secret that, once discovered, will allow the player to unlock a central chamber and ascend to the next level.

Most Ancient will be implementing two control schemes into RETREAT, one will be gaze only, where players simply move their head to control what’s happening. This is designed for devices like the Samsung Gear VR or for player with space constraints. The other method will used both gaze and hand motion for systems that have motion controllers like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift’s, Oculus Touch system.

The videogame is due for release in Q1 2016, and VRFocus will continue to follow RETREAT’s progress as Most Ancient release further updates.