Use Google Cardboard to Experience Virtual Tours with Roundme

The innovators and creators involved in virtual reality (VR) are imagining evermore impressive ways to immerse consumers in virtual worlds that are a feast for the senses. But VR isn’t just about what can be created with a little imagination, VR can also be used to explore the world through company’s like Roundme.

Roundme utilises 360 degree images to create advanced virtual tours of places across the globe. The platform is designed for professionals but anyone can sign up to use and add to the service. The service is available through a browser or as an iOS app for a Apple device, reports PetaPixel.com.


Whether you want to explore New York, Samoa or anywhere in between Roundme already has an extensive catalogue of spaces to explore from your smartphone through a feature called ‘portals’. Look around an area then using the portals users can explore the next area that interests them. Whilst exploring users can also view interactive ‘hotspots’ of content which allow viewers to learn more about the space around them.

While Roundme can be used to explore exotic locations some companies are using the service to create virtual tours of restaurants and hotels so that customers can experience on an immersive level the atmosphere and surroundings of a particular business.

For the best Roundme experience users will need to acquire a Google Cardboard or Ziess VR ONE device to enjoy the 360 degree imagery. VRFocus will continue to follow the latest VR news and report back.