Unimersiv Launches Premium Subscription Content

Educational virtual reality (VR) content platform Unimersiv have announced the launch of a premium subscription service. Beginning with VR Dinos, existing and new subscribers to the service can upgrade their membership to access additional content created internally at Unimersiv.

VR Dinos, available to download now, is an educational walkthrough of a landscape that features 8 unique species of dinosaurs. The experience invites users to meet face-to-face with the dinosaurs offering a true sense of scale, but also to discover new and interesting facts about each one through the Unimersiv information icons.

Unimersiv: VR Dinos

The first experience to be included in the premium subscription that Unimersiv have launched, VR Dinos is available to download now. The premium plan subscription fee for Unimersive has been set at $10 USD per month and promises to have new content added regularly. VRFocus has been hands-on with VR Dinos and will bring you an analysis of the first premium content for Unimersiv later today.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″]http://youtu.be/BTtPNzd2Fjc[/youtube]