Time Machine VR to be Released on Steam Early Access

Since the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) all the way back in June, very little new information as been released by developer Minority Media on its virtual reality (VR) title Time Machine VR. Now revealed on its Steam page, Time Machine VR should be available on Steam Early Access this month.

In Time Machine VR (its also known as simply Time Machine) players must travel back from through time from 2033 as part of the Monda Muzeo team to help save the human race. A plague is consuming mankind and your goal is to collect the biological data from creatures in the Jurassic era to unlock the key to saving the humanity.Pilot a time machine through vast prehistoric oceans, into an ecosystem teeming with ancient dangerous creatures, tracking, probing, scanning and baiting these beasts, to find the clues you need.


In addition to the demo, Early Access will feature to additional underwater levels, story mode (in development), exploration mode (in development), more creatures including pliosaurus, dakosaurus, ophthalmosaurus, a full range of tech-based mechanics: Time Freeze, Tracker, Probe, Scan, Echography, Bait, and more.

Minority Media has yet to officially announce which head-mounted displays (HMD) the title will feature on or when Time Machine VR maybe released, only stating that the videogame will be in Early Access: “Less than a year. We want to do a full release when commercial VR headsets hit shelves.”

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest updates to Time Machine VR as Minority Media announces them.