Techland Reveal Dedicated VR Development Team

Polish developer Techland, the studio behind videogame titles Dead Island and Dying Light, have revealed to VRFocus that it has a dedicated team working solely on solving problems relating to virtual reality (VR).

VRFocus spoke with Maciej Binkowski, Game Designer for Techland at Gamescom this week. Binkowski confirmed that the dedicated VR team had its own budget with which they could explore VR and the problems that arise for studios amking videogames for the technology. He said that the VR team get updated builds of Dying Light 2 to prototype various ideas on, but whatever the team do eventually release will probably not be Dying Light in VR.


While many fans may love to see a VR version of Dying Light and many may assume that adapting the title to a VR experience would be easy; after all, it’s already a first-person videogame. However it’s not that simple. A core component of the experience is the speed and agility of the player: two things that do not convert to VR particularly well.

Techland have a rich history in developing and publishing videogames dating back over 20 years so whatever the studio does decide to make in VR, VRFocus will continue to report on any further announcements from the developer as they are released.