STRIVR Labs bringing VR to the NHL, NBA and WNBA

VRFocus has previously written about STRIVR Labs work with the NFL, bringing its virtual reality (VR) training system to various clubs. Now the company is making in-roads into the NHL, NBA and WNBA with a partnership with Monumental Sports & Entertainment.

Monumental Sports & Entertainment own and operate the Washington Capitals of the NHL, the Washington Mystics in the WNBA and the NBA’s Washington Wizards. They will be the first teams in their respective leagues to use STRIVR Labs VR technology to help improve player performance and provide unique game-day experience in the venues.


In a press release reported by Sporttechie.com, John Carlson defenseman for the Washington Capitals said: “The potential competitive advantage that virtual reality training can give us is huge.” Adding: “STRIVR’s experience with football and quarterbacks is exciting for me, because I feel hockey defensemen and quarterbacks go through a similar decision-making process. The virtual reality technology is going to help me fine tune my decision making in games and allow me to train as if I’m at practice without having to be on the ice.”

With this latest announcement it goes to show how VR is fast becoming a pivotal technology for teams looking at getting the edge over competitors, and more teams across various leagues will probably be looking at implementing VR into their training programs in the future.

VRFocus will continue to report on STRIVR Labs’ progress in driving VR into sports.