StreetView VR Adds New Updates Including Multiplayer

StreetView VR, the Oculus Rift supporting app that lets users view Google’s street view in virtual reality (VR) has added additional updates to the beta software.

Posted on Reddit by the apps creator YoutopiaVR, the new list of updates includes multiplayer exploration, Wikipedia integration, bookmarks and various other additions.


The new features are:


  • An indicator will be visible in the direction of an article’s geotag. You can click this indicator to see the article, and you can click the “Navigate to nearest point” button to visit the closest panorama to the article. You can press tab or Y on an Xbox controller to hide these indicators (along with the rest of the HUD) or turn them off in the settings screen.


  • You can now explore the world with friends! Join or create a session through the social tab. Once in a session you can: Use voice chat with push to talk (shift or X button) Click on another player’s map marker to visit that player. Follow other users (Move with the group whenever the leader moves) See where other users who are in the same location are looking. Share photos to everyone in the session regardless of location.

Click to teleport:

  • Holding the left mouse button, left trigger, or A button will reveal a teleportation marker in the direction you are looking. Release to teleport. This works more or less exactly as it does on the StreetView web app and is not available in all locations (such as photospheres). You can still move one panorama at a time using w and s or the left stick on an Xbox controller.


  • You can now bookmark a location by clicking the + icon in the location footer on the map view. The bookmarks collection will be the first collection in the list of notable places.


  • You can now go back to the previous location by pressing left on the D pad or A on the keyboard. Teleporting or moving to connected panoramas does not add to the history.

Virtual Keyboard:

  • There is now a virtual keyboard that makes it easy to search locations while wearing the Rift.

Improved Xbox controls:

  • Panning and zooming the map is now done using the left and right sticks respectively. Scrolling in menus or wiki articles is now done with the right stick Y axis. Move forward or back along connected panoramas with the left stick and rotate with the right stick. Teleport with left trigger or A. Some people find smooth turning with the Xbox controller uncomfortable. If you are one of these people try using comfort mode turning (bumpers).

YoutopiaVR does point out that that software is still in the beat phase and will definitely contain some bugs and glitches, and would always appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

VRFocus will continue to follow StreetView VR’s progress and will report on any further updates.