Star Citizen Virtual Reality Updates Coming after Gamescom

In a recent video Q&A called ’10 for the Chairman’, Chris Roberts the founder of Cloud Imperium Games Corporation answered fans questions on Star Citizen. One question related to the developers virtual reality integration of the game which has stated is continuing and more will happen after Gamescom this week.

The fan asked: ” I wondered how the implementation of virtual reality is coming forth now that CryEngine has native support for Oculus Rift. Any progress or plans on this topic?” In response Roberts said “There is some enhanced CryEngine support. We’re just sort of waiting to integrate 3.7 and then we’ll integrate 3.8, which are the two most recent releases.”


“We’re planning to do the sort of integration after Gamescom, and then it would be in one of the patches that would be sort of in the development branch, which would then go into the release branch. I think you could sort of look to using, or seeing some of the results of the 3.7 integration into our code base probably towards the end of August I would guess, or the beginning of September,” Roberts continued.

So while Oculus Rift users should be seeing further support within the next few weeks, Roberts also said the studio is looking at VR on a wider basis: “We’ll definately take all the updates they’ve got for virtual reality in CryEngine.” He added:  “There’s some pretty cool new stuff like the Valve headset as well. That was on our longer term road map.”

Whether Star Citizen will support Valve and HTC’s, Vive head-mounted display (HMD) when it launches later this year is unknown, but VRFocus will continue to follow the latest news on Star Citizen as it’s announced.