SIGGRAPH 2015: Disney VR Talk Liveblog

SIGGRAPH 2015 is now well underway in Los Angeles, California, and virtual reality (VR) is playing a big role in the week’s events. A VR village can be found at the show with plenty of experiences on offer. This area will also host a number of talks, the first of which is now getting underway. Join VRFocus now for a liveblog of ‘Virtual Reality: Yesterday’s Technology of Tomorrow Here Today! (Almost)’.

The talk is headed up by Founder and Director of the Creative Technology Studio at Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development, Mark Mine. “Fantastic worlds of entertainment and new levels of immersive interactive productivity have been right around the corner for virtual reality since its inception 50 years ago,” and official description reads. “What are the challenges of getting around that corner and what will we find when we get there?”

The blog is below.