SIGGRAPH 2015: ‘Creating a Sense of Presence: VR Creative & Technical Techniques to Immerse an Audience’ Liveblog

Back in April 2014 cinematic VR company Jaunt announced the formation of Jaunt Studios, a new team dedicated to creating original 360 degree content with the help of former Lucasfilm figureheads. Today at SIGGRAPH 2015, this new group will be talking about its experiences in a session titled ‘Creating a Sense of Presence: Virtual Reality Creative & Technical Techniques to Immerse an Audience’. VRFocus is here to liveblog the talk.

Head of Studio Grant Anderson will host the talk. “Capturing 360-degree, full-sphere, live-action imagery is a challenge for cinematographers, especially in 3D stereo. This talk presents challenges, solutions, and future prospects for spherical image capture.”

The blog follows below.