Sony: Project Morpheus is ‘ready to go’ but ‘waiting’ for Experiences

Its been well reported that Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Project Morpheus head-mounted display (HMD) for virtual reality (VR) will be launching at some point in the first half of 2016. Now it seems this wide launch window is due to SCE waiting for videogames to catch up with the hardware.

In a recent Reddit post, a user noted what Dennis Castleman, hardware R&D engineer at SCE had said in a Facebook post about the HMD: “I’ve been working on Sony’s project Morpheus for 3 years, it’s going to go to market in 2016. It’s a bit different for things like cell phones or established technologies. When I was designing televisions it was usually 18 months to get a new model into production. A VR HMD is a bit different it also takes time for the component vendors to rampup for million unit volumes.” Adding: “In our case the HMD hardware is ready to go, we’re just waiting for the game titles to catch up with the hardware.”

Project Morpheus image

Castleman also mentioned how some of the Project Morpheus competitors may have difficulties: “Oculus on the other hand faces a tougher battle getting the rift to market. They are relying on a contract manufacture in china to produce their units. They are a new company with out any volume manufacturing experience, they do have lots of cash and of course their parent company has deep pockets so capital isn’t going to be a problem. They have a lot of work ahead to successfully pull of the Riff introduction. No one on their executive team has any experience bringing high volume consumer devices to market.”

The next few months will certainly be telling whether Oculus VR have got it right, or if SCE have with its later launch. VRFocus will be reporting on all the latest facts from the VR industry as the HMD’s near their debut.