Proscenium Launch New Update for Spectre

Indie developer Proscenium which completed a Kickstarter campaign last year for its virtual reality (VR) multiplayer horror title, Spectre, has launched a large new update for the videogame.


Spectre is a multiplayer ghost hunting VR videogame, in which three human players try to trap a monster known as the Spectre, another human-controlled force that can set its own traps for its pursuers. Below is a log of the major updates and fixes Proscenium have made to Spectre.

  • Personalized backer content. Players who supported Spectre’s Kickstarter or purchased personalized content will find their portraits and faces hidden throughout the mansion. Additionally, we have completed painting the personalized phasing portraits, and we will begin shipping them out to our backers next week. If you have had a change in address, please let us know. Otherwise, we will simply ship to the address you’ve already provided.
  • New areas to explore. In multiplayer mode, you can now explore new areas, such as the mansion’s hidden cellar.
  • An all new inventory system. The light bulbs that power seekers’ headlamps are now hidden within cupboards and cabinets within the mansion. Scavenge rooms for the valuable ammunition, but be careful not to leave your back turned for too long!
  • Fresh character animations. The Spectre’s and Seekers’ movement speeds have also been refined.
  • In-game controls menu. Now, simply hold TAB while in multiplayer mode to view the controls
  • Improved intro menu. Now, the default version of Spectre is VR-enabled. To play Spectre with traditional controls or play the legacy DK1 version, switch branches in Steam game settings.
  • Numerous bug fixes, and performance and stability improvements.

The studio is also prepping Spectre to run on the Oculus VR SDK 0.7 when it launches, and VRFocus will continue to report on any further developments as they’re announced.