OTOY’s ‘Render The MetaVerse’ Winners Revealed

Several months ago OTOY created the ‘Render the Metaverse‘ competition with the help of Oculus VR’s Chief Technology Officer, John Carmack, and legendary artist Alex Ross. Now the competition has come to a close and the grand prize winner has been announced.  

The aim of the competition was for content creators to bring their imaginations to life in virtual reality (VR), producing 360-degree panoramic scenes for the Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD). Hundreds of submitions were entered and Carmack, Ross and OTOY CEO Jules Urbach jointly selected one entry from the three winning scenes from each month of the contest that was seen as being a notch above the rest, that embodied the competition brief better than any other, and that showcased VR the best. The Grand Prize winning entry, was ‘Imagined Reality’ by Benjamin Aguillon, netting Benjamin a total of $35,000 USD in prize money.


The winning scene is shown here, but to download the VR scene and see the second and third place entries follow this link to the OTOY competition page. There are also comments from the judges on the three finalists and the judges top 10 entries.

VRFocus will continue to follow any news and announcements from OTOY and report back.