OTOY Debuts Light Field Rendered VR, Avatar Scanning at SIGGRAPH

SIGGRAPH 2015 is taking place this week in Los Angeles, California, and virtual reality (VR) technology has a big presence at the show. Along with an entire VR village and a range of talks, a number of companies are showcasing their work with the upcoming tech at the LA Convention Center. One such company is OTOY, which many will know is currently hosting a competition in partnership with Oculus VR itself to find immersive new VR experiences. At the show OTOY is debuting new elements of its light field rendering technology at the event along with live 360-degree avatar scanning within VR.


The company is demonstrating a new light field rendering pipeline that is used to produce photorealistic environments for both VR and augmented reality (AR) that users can walk around in. It utilises OTOY’s own light field camera array, Lightspace technology, OctaneRender software, OctaneRender Cloud and the ORBX Media Player through which content is viewed. At the show, this can be seen with none other than the HTC Vive, Valve and HTC’s Room Scale-tracked head-mounted display (HMD), allowing them to walk around within the environment.

Also detailed is 360-degree avatar scanning. According to a press release this ‘enables human-sized avatar scanning, creating a live representation of yourself in a VR experience that mirrors your actions in the real world, and will allow you to interact with others in the same room or over the Internet.’ This is done using the ORBX Media Server, which integrates data from position tracking systems like Valve’s own Lighthouse and the Kinect camera from Microsoft.

“OTOY has made astounding progress, taking breakthrough technologies we premiered at SIGGRAPH last year and productizing them into fully functional, future-ready production pipelines that anyone can use today,” said Jules Urbach, Founder and CEO, OTOY. “The most demanding formats such as holographic light field rendering and 16K video are achievable today in an economic way, using existing tools. We’re proud to continue our tradition of graphics innovation, and will strive to put even more revolutionary capabilities in the hands of content creators everywhere.”

Those that have been following OTOY over the past year will know that this is far from the only work the company is carrying out in VR. It’s also working on its very own software for HMDs, including an upcoming experience based on the Batman: The Animated Series cartoon. It’s also involved with VR sports broadcasting using its own technology. VRFocus will continue to follow OTOY’s work in VR closely, reporting back with any further updates from the company.