Oculus VR SDK 0.7 Delayed Until Next Week

For general virtual reality (VR) users who have bought the Oculus Rift development kit to try out VR the news that Oculus VR is delaying the launch of the new software development kit (SDK) till next week isn’t too bad. Developers who were looking at utilising the new features and updates maybe a little more annoyed.

Announced on Oculus VR’s twitter page, the SDK 0.7 will be launched next week rather than the 20th August, although no actual day or date has yet been confirmed. The update makes some notable additions to the SDK but also removes some features. VRFocus previously reported on the new updates which will bring changes to the overall architecture to add increased stability and performance. Also added is a new ‘Director Driver Mode’, which replaces the previous ‘Extended Mode’, a concept that added latency to the Oculus Rift’s head-tracking. ‘Director Driver Mode’ has been created with the help of GPU companies such as NVIDIA and AMD.


But, as a result of these underlying changes, applications built with SDK 0.5 or earlier won’t be supported with 0.7, which includes current content built with Unity 4.x, and developers are urged to apply the update when it’s available.

Oculus VR have also noted that Windows 10 support will be coming but note as part of the 0.7 SDK update.

As soon as news on the 0.7 SDK update release, and Windows 10 support is announced VRFocus will report back immediately.