Oculus VR Founder’s View on VR Theatres

Palmer Luckey the founder of Oculus VR is one of the many people who work in the virtual reality (VR) industry, who can see, even at this early stage, that VR has the potential to change the way users view entertainment. Luckey has recently given his view on the possibility of VR’s use in film theatres for future mass entertainment.


In a Reddit thread posted this week a question was asked by an unnamed source saying: “Can’t wait to check this out! Think we’ll have theaters retrofitted with VR immersion rig rooms, or a whole new network of physical VR theaters to reach the masses? It would be great to have spaces families and friends can experience VR film together.” To which Luckey’s response was: “That is missing the point. People won’t have to physically go to a theater and pay for the huge physical operational overhead, they will use their own personal VR headsets.”

“When people want to use their phones at the same time, they just pull them out, they don’t drive to a phone theater. Same for online gaming, most people don’t want to drive to a specific place to play with their friends,” he added.

Luckey’s comment shows that he believes for VR cinema experiences, customers won’t want or need to go to physical establishments, as VR can be enjoyed at home. VR head-mounted displays (HMD) like the Oculus Rift can create a cinema experience, with a screen as big or bigger than an normal theatre. And for VR films like the recently premiered Henry, the fact that these can be enjoyed as the creators wanted in the comfort of your own home is surely a better way to immerse the viewer.

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