Oculus Rift Consumer Version to Make US Public Debut at PAX Prime

While the Oculus Rift is still a few months away from launch, many may have already tried the second iteration of the development kit, DK2, which developers have been using to create their videogames. Now at this week’s PAX Prime, Seattle, Oculus VR will be debuting the consumer version of the head-mounted display (HMD) to the US public for the first time.

Many eager virtual reality (VR) fans will be keen to try the consumer version of the Oculus Rift, aka CV1, after all the recent hype, and with a full roster of available titles for demonstration at the event, which can now be booked via the Oculus VR Guidebook app. At previous events Oculus VR also showed its wireless motion controller, Oculus Touch, alongside the Xbox One controller which will come bundled with the HMD. No confirmation has yet been received if Oculus Touch will be on display.


The consumer version of the Oculus Rift made it’s playable debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Los Angeles, in June of this year. However, this event is only open to members of the interactive entertainment industry, and as such PAX Prime will be the first time consumers in the US will be able to get hands-on with the device. VRFocus will be on the ground at PAX Prime later this week, bringing you all the latest details from the show floor.