Oculus CEO: VR will ‘take off very quickly’

Those within the virtual reality (VR) community agree that the technology is set to take the world by storm. What is up for debate, however, is just how fast it does that. The first consumer VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) are set to arrive over the next 9 months, but will these be the devices that catch the attention of the mainstream? Perhaps not, but Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe still thinks that the technology – and the company’s Oculus Rift PC-based HMD – is set to ‘take off very quickly’.


“In the early days of a new industry it’s almost always enthusiasts — whether it was the first set of cars, telephones or personal computers — and this is the beginning of real consumer VR,” Iribe said in a recent interview with Wired. “So it’ll be dominated by early consumers, enthusiasts and gamers who are really passionate about it, but then it’ll expand very quickly because with the internet the world is a very small place.”

He continued, touching upon the influence that VR figureheads such as Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Oculus VR’s parent company, Facebook, will have on sales. “When Mark shares something, it gets tens of millions of views within minutes — that’s unprecedented. I think you’ll see it take off very quickly but it will start more around enthusiasts. There are millions of sci-fi enthusiasts in the world, not just gamers. It’s going to be easy enough with a decent PC that you can plug it in and get good experiences with Rift,” he said.

Of course, the Oculus Rift isn’t the only HMD to be releasing in the coming months. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) will also launch the Project Morpheus HMD for PlayStation 4 next year and Valve’s HTC Vive will arrive this holiday season. Will each of these HMDs be able to make an impact? VRFocus will continue to follow all VR technology, reporting back with the latest on it.