North-East to be VR Hub with VRTGO

While many would always argue that the centre of the virtual reality (VR) industry is Silicon Valley, in California, there are a number of UK based companies that are creating a VR hub in the north east of the country around Gateshead. Spearheading this is VRTGO Laboratories based in the city.

VRTGO conference director, Carri Cunliffe, said in a statement: “There is no better place to locate if you are a VR company. The region is home to innovators working in both entertainment and serious applications for big brands. VRTGO Laboratories and the VRTGO conference will attract leading buyers to the region and encourage university research. We are also hosting a free VR demo day on 10th September for anyone who is interested in seeing how VR solutions can improve their business – sign up today https://vrtgodemoday.eventbrite.co.uk.”


Secret Sauce ltd, a specialist digital consultancy is the founder and producer of the VRTGO event and brand, and held its first VRTGO event in September 2014. VRTGO Laboratories was created as a dedicated VR business cluster to bring together a growing number of researchers, entrepreneurs and businesses working in the sector. Backed by Gateshead Council, VRTGO Laboratories wants to grow the VR sector in the area. Marissa Brindley, Gateshead Council’s technology sector specialist has said: “The potential of VR technology is phenomenal. VRTGO Laboratories is ensuring that the North East is in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the revolution that looks set to take place.”

“The facilities, expertise and support that are available here are second to none in the sector; businesses are already really feeling the benefit of being a part of VRTGO Laboratories. It’s impossible to predict the future but it’s clear to see just how exciting and important the developments we’re seeing in Gateshead could be,” she added.

VRFocus will continue to follow VRTGO Laboratories progress and development as the VR industry grows in the UK.