Nimbus Knights Gameplay Revealed for HTC Vive

Otherworld Interactive the virtual reality (VR) developer, behind horror title Sisters and social app Starport, previously teased some shots earlier this week on a new title via its Twitter account called Nimbus Knights. Now further details have been released in the form of some gameplay gifs.

In these new gifs which appeared on Reddit, they show the player controlling a large wooden platform with which to move a team of knights from one floating island to another. Each island has enemies to defeat and a flag to capture before moving onto the next island. The player can also alternate between holding a platform to transport your knights to a large wooden stick to prod enemies, slowing them down or knocking them off higher platforms.

VRFocus previously reported that Otherworld Interactive would be demoing the VR title on the HTC Vive at the Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) Summer Expo in Los Angeles this Saturday, and demos could be booked by emailing the studio team. Those signups are now closed as the developer has received an overwhelming response.

Further details from Otherworld Interactive have yet to appear regarding more gameplay mechanics or when Nimbus Knights maybe arriving but VRFocus will be reporting on those details as they emerge.

Nimbus-Knights.gif Nimbus-Knights2.gif Nimbus-Knights1.gif