NFL Jets Using STRIVR Labs Virtual Reality for Training

It doesn’t seem a week goes by that another sporting team decides to adopt virtual reality (VR) into their training program. Now STRIVR Labs have partnered with another NFL team, The Jets to bring the technologies unique training platform to the New York based team.

Reported by the New York Daily News, The Jets have seen other professional teams including the Buccaneers, Cowboys, Vikings, 49ers, Cardinals and Patriots as well as several college teams using different VR training programs for their quarterbacks.

Quarter back Ryan Fitzpatrick said of the new system: “I think it’s the next step,” adding, “I was surprised with the quality of it. It’s awesome. It’s actual video in real time. You’re able to see everything that’s going on in any direction. There can be a lot of coaching done this way, too.”


And rookie Bryce Petty has said that being able to see the VR perspective is far more useful than the standard bird’s-eye tape that’s recorded: “I got stumped on a couple coverages in practice,” said Petty. “When we watch film, I can identify — ‘Hey, that’s two-man or that’s quarters (cover-4).’ And then when I get out there and I got all this stuff in my mind, I don’t know. So to be able to go through it and make sure that I’m looking exactly where I’m supposed to be looking, that’s going to be huge.”

STRIVR Labs are certainly making progress with its VR training system, and if these teams meet with more success then other teams will surely follow. VRFocus will be reporting on the progress of STRIVR Labs work with VR in sport as more teams utilise the technology.