Next Galaxy Partners with VR HealthNet for Training Initiative

With virtual reality (VR) being adopted by various industries, its no surprise that healthcare could utilise VR training to improve the skills of employees. Which is why Next Galaxy Corp has partnered up with VR HealthNet to deploy VR training solutions to the healthcare industry.

VR HealthNet specialises in developing training solutions which target long-term care facilities and various other healthcare markets. While Next Galaxy Corp is a developer of content solutions and immersive VR technology. With this partnership the two companies will collaborate in the development of VR training modules. Next Galaxy will be providing access to its CEEK distribution platform to provide analytics, online payment system and all the management features necessary.


Next Galaxy Corp. President Mary Spio has said: “We are excited to deploy virtual reality into the growing healthcare industry. As evidenced by our agreement with Miami Children’s Hospital, we have developed a strong expertise in applying the principles of virtual reality to augment the training of healthcare professionals in order to improve patient outcomes and reduce cost. This agreement with VR HealthNet will help accelerate those initiatives over the coming quarters.”

With VR HealthNet CEO and Founder Dr. Suresh Nellore adding: “Next Galaxy has become a pioneer and leader in the emerging virtual reality space. Its device agnostic platform enabling our client to use practically any VR Headset or Mobile Phone will represent a huge advantage. We are excited to be working with the team to lead the way in healthcare training. We look forward to initially deploy our virtual reality solutions at long-term care facilities and offer a solution to the costly training problem, at the same time greatly improve the quality of care”

VR is a technology that has been used for many years by some industries, especially the military for training, but now with its recent re-emergence the cost is coming down which opens the door for more companies to use it as a viable training platform. And VRFocus will continue to report on the progress of VR technology as it reaches new audiences.