New To VR: VERGE: Lost Chapter The Latest To Begin Greenlight Campaign

Another week begins in the world of virtual reality (VR); and as PAX Prime comes to an end over in Seattle, and the VRFocus team out there prepares to come home to finish off all the various previews and interview videos we’ll no doubt be releasing over the next fortnight; we begin once again with an experience that will be coming to VR in the future.

We’re back on Steam with the recently revealed Greenlight campaign for VERGE: Lost Chapter by creator GDNomad. One of three titles currently in development, VERGE is the only one that the creator intends to give VR support to through the Oculus Rift.


In VERGE you take on the role of someone who on a trip to ‘get away from it all’ stumbles into a nightmare when their car breaks down and seeking shelter from a horrendous storm decides to seek refuge in an abandoned building.  Unfortunately whilst it is abandoned, at least by the living there seems to be something far too supernatural at work within it and very soon staying dry is the least of their worries.

Notable in its steam page promise to avoid ‘cheap’ jumpscare tactics, VERGE: Lost Chapter currently has no proposed release date, however you can find out more information via the Steam page of the game and you can see it in action via the promotional video below:

VRFocus will be bringing you more information about new virtual reality experiences released or in the process of campaign every weekday morning. Join us again tomorrow to find out what else is coming to the world of VR.