New To VR: School’s Out For Unimersiv, But ‘Where Is The History Teacher?’

Today’s New To VR is actually a newly announced demo directly from the creators themselves as opposed to a demo or full experience on one of the content sharing platforms.  It’s also a game from content creators you should be very familiar with if you are a regular reader of VRFocus, and indeed of New To VR as they have featured several times before in this series.


Educational virtual reality (VR) studio Unimersiv have recently been in the news for their move to support premium content via subscription, whilst we also got hands-on with their latest product VR Dinos last week. Whilst we’ve also gone back to the past with their Rome-based historical experience app Colosseum VR.

Today however is another history related experience for Mac and PC the DK2 version of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). Although not quite a journey back through time that you might expect with the title Where Is The History Teacher?  In the middle of a bustling town (in the present day it should eb pointed out) a well known history teacher has disappeared from the park – but has he truly vanished without a trace?  Users must use investigate the scene, find the clues and deduce what has happened.

It’s certainly unlike Unimersiv’s normal offerings, essentially a logic puzzle as opposed to a straight out educational game. Unimersiv are behind the continued development of the videogame though, declaring on their newsletter they wish it to become the Cluedo (Clue if you’re in America) of VR.

You can find out more about it and download Where Is The History Teacher? here.


VRFocus will continue to follow the story of Unimersiv’s latest VR title and will bring you updates on the all their products as we get them.