New To VR: Scavenge At The Edge Of Space In Upcoming Title From The Verge To The Void

We finish the week with another virtual reality (VR) videogame title on Steam that we have yet to cover at VRFocus. The newly greenlit title From the Verge to the Void by developers Team Sunbear sees you take on the role of a ship’s captain on the fringes of space, leading the life of a futuristic scavenger.  Raiding derelict ships for their resources that you can use yourself or sell on via brokers and black market racketeers for profit.

A combination of physics-driven first person shooter (FPS) and platformer, gameplay involves you travelling through the vacuum of space between locations whilst scooping up as much treasure as you possibly can.  Along the way you’ll be able to piece together the story of all the ships you come across through records left behind by the long departed crew. A different experience every time owing to the way ships break up, From The Verge To The Void is already coming to Oculus Rift (the team have developed a build) and HTC Vive support has not been ruled out either.

The full version of the From The Verge To The Void currently has an expected release date of Spring to Summer next year and VRFocus will of course update you on when it is released. For now you can find more information about the game via its Steam page.