New To VR: Off-Peak HD Comes To Steam Greenlight

It’s time for another trip back on to Steam to catch up with everything relating to virtual reality (VR) on its Greenlight content approval system. Today’s selection is Off-Peak HD, a curious free to play adventure game with VR support for the Oculus Rift with the intention to roll out additional head-mounted display (HMD) support at a later date.

Off-Peak HD

In a future world where music is prized yet musicians themselves are oddly absent you are stuck at a mysterious train station with nothing to do but explore. Travel down corridors, find secret paths and hidden tunnels, interact with passengers – both regular humans and giants – collect music and food and unlock clues as to what is going on. Because this train station seems a little too good… is anyone actually leaving? Will you?

Developed by independent creator and musician Cosmo D, the game uses music to help the narrative along and has been previously praised for its imagination and atmosphere. You can try it for yourself here on Steam Greenlight, whilst a trailer for the videogame can be found below.