New To VR: Oculus Videogame sphereFACE Continues Campaign on Steam Greenlight

There’s been surprisingly few new additions to the Oculus VR Share platform recently. Perhaps everyone is too busy now we’re in convention season or Oculus are distracted for the same reason and aren’t updating the platform sop regularly with submitted entries. Either way it’s a good opportunity to catch up with some virtual reality (VR) titles on another platform that may have slipped by you during this busy period.


sphereFACE is a game that passed its Kickstarter campaign in late July and now continues its campaign on Steam Greenlight. It is one of those videogame titles that takes videogame concept (one that should be familiar to all of you) and takes it in an intriguingly different direction. The premise is that you pilot a spacecraft around the vector style level, destroying any passing lumps of rock that may be in your way and avoiding debris that might damage your ship – so the classic Asteroids. Where sphereFACE is different is that it all takes places within a spherical 3D area as opposed to a 2D plane and as a result both controlling your ship and taking avoiding action becomes a much more difficult prospect. Especially as the asteroids in question now shatter in a far more realistic way.

The title is also much more than simply ’Asteroids 3D’. There are multiple weapons which add variety as well as a degree of strategy and an ongoing story that your progression through the game will reveal.

, developed by Voxelstorm and compatible with the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) can be found on Steam Greenlight here.  A trailer for the videogame can be found below:

VRFocus will be keeping up to date with sphereFACE and other Steam Greenlight titles for VR and we will bring you any further updates as we get them.

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