New To VR: No Need For An HMD In iOS App Pantomime Playground

Having to pay out for a head-mounted display can be a daunting and in the minds of a cost conscious public, and those still to be swayed by the second coming of virtual reality (VR) it is often a deal-breaking choice. This is one of the reasons of course that Google is working on Google Cardboard and likewise Samsung is working on the Gear VR. Another company though is looking at other ways you can enjoy VR and AR (augmented reality) applications.
Pantomime Corporation has launched their app Pantomime Playground for iOS and is soon to release it for Mac as well. In Pantomime Playground you use your tablet or phone as windows into the virtual space. Through this you can see what is going on, move your perspective and even use the representation of the device, which appears in the world to show your position to others reach into the space. It also act as a physical object meaning you can both move your viewpoint in 360 degrees without a head-mounted display (HMD) but use the device to interact physically with objects in the virtual space, even using it in much the same manner as a bat or racquet.

You can find out more about the company, including their work at SVVR, on their website. You can see a video of the app in action below.

VRFocus will be back tomorrow with another new experience coming to VR or AR.