New To VR: Break Bricks The New Fashioned Way In VRKanoid

Whilst we’ve seen virtual reality (VR) replications of traditional games (Solitaire Jester, Tabletop Simulator, etc.) It is almost natural that amongst the apps being brought to VR by developers and content creations are VR versions of traditional videogames, either as direct clones or at the very least strongly influenced by more common design archetypes. After all, if you’re testing how VR works, why not start with a format you know yourself works.

VRKanoid_1 As you may have surmised today’s New To VR is such a game.

Now available for download as part of the WEARVR content sharing platform, VRKanoid is a VR adaption of the classic 1986 videogame Arkanoid, itself a variation on Atari’s seventies hit Breakout. Developed by VIAR, this alpha build allows users to get an idea for the concept which is compatible with Durovis Dive, Homido, Google Cardboard, Cmoar and FIBRUM.

You can see screenshots of the videogame below:

VRKanoid_2 VRKanoid_3

VRFocus will return to New To VR after Gamescom week, be sure to stay with us for all the latest coverage.