New To VR: A Hitchcock Classic Gets A Modern Twist In ‘Drone’

Drones are everywhere these days. Either bringing you fantastic views of abandoned buildings,  sweeping shots of bustling cities or birds-eye recordings of the wonders of nature occurrences. They are also in the news increasingly for non-creative means, and that will likely only increase over time. As we’ve seen on VRFocus, drones can also be the focus of virtual reality (VR) apps, games and experiences,  either to produce the said content mentioned above or their concept used fictitiously in games, such as Drone GP.

Drone (Hexa 360) - 1

Today’s new VR item comes once more from Oculus VR Share, and is a teaser developed by Hexa 360 (Pacific Trail, Venice Beach) for a film experience called Drone. The film is a modern take on themes similar to one of director Alfred Hitchcock’s most acclaimed films, Rear Window. In which a house-bound man’s increasingly voyeuristic spying on his neighbours leads to paranoia, danger and revelations about the relationships of those around him. Except in this instance instead of cameras and binoculars there’s the use of a quadrocopter drone in order to weed out injustice.

A YouTube version of the Drone teaser is available below and it is compatible with both the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 head mounted displays (HMDs), although in both instances you will require an appropriate app in order to view them correctly. Please see the Oculus VR Share page for further details.  VRFocus will be back tomorrow with another new VR experience that you can try.