New Dutch Virtual Reality Meetup Announced

While larger week long exhibitions and conferences garner all the hype and prestige, for the virtual reality (VR) community the smaller casual meetups have been its lifeblood, letting smaller independent developers showcase titles to eager gamers. Now Dutch VR Meetup has announced a special 4 day event to celebrate its first year.


The 4 day VR Meetup will be split into separate events with one day having a conference, a master class day, a demo day and a special event. Dann Kip and Benjamin de Wit who are organising the event is aiming to have over 100 demo spots available for the demo day on the Saturday, those that are interested will need to contact the organiser as the spaces are limited, but also free. The conference will kick off the event with keynotes by industry leaders and developers, with the master classes being held on the Friday. The Sunday special event will be a day of music, acting, 360 degree video making and a VR version of a classic murder mystery will be made.

With the usual meetups only lasting a day, the Dutch VR Day special event will have lots of VR for enthusiasts to enjoy and entry is free to the public. It is being held in a large villa in the centre of Vondelpark, Amsterdam, between Thursday 29th October – Sunday 1st November 2015.

VRFocus will continue to follow any further updates from the Dutch VR Day Meetup as they’re announced.