nDreams Reveal Updated The Assembly Build, Project Morpheus Version

UK virtual reality (VR) specialist studio nDreams are once again showcasing their wares at Gamescom, Cologne, this week, bringing The Assembly back for another industry-only outing. This time however, the developer has revealed a brand new control system for the upcoming videogame as well as their PlayStation 4 version running on Project Morpheus.

While the build of The Assembly on show at nDreams’ Gamescom booth is largely the same as that which was seen at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Los Angeles, back in June of this year (which VRFocus got hands-on with prior to the event), a significant new addition is being showcased for the very first time. The Assembly is a first-person experience and as such features a traditional first-person shooter (FPS) style control scheme. However, a new mode has also been implemented with the intention of improving the comfort of those not familiar with the issues that can occur with utilising the right analogue stick for head-movement in VR.

The Assembly screenshot

A simple teleport system, this new control scheme allows the player to look at a specific area and immediately arrive at that point. Further more, a snap-look system has been implemented: move the right analogue stick in any direction and the viewpoint will immediately switch to face that way. For example, tap the right analogue stick down and the view will immediately adjust as if the player had turned 180 degrees.

This new control system has been implemented in both the Oculus Rift edition of the videogame, currently being shown on DK2 units here at Gamescom, and the Project Morpheus build which is receiving it’s second outing today. VRFocus has been in direct contact with nDreams for more details on The Assembly, and will keep you updated with any further news on the title from here at Gamescom.