MPC Advertising Announces Launch of Dedicated VR Team

With virtual reality (VR) market growing at a sizeable rate many companies are developing VR divisions to take advantage. MPC Advertising has announced the creation of a creative and technology led VR team – MPC VR, headed by Tim Dillon as Executive Producer.

MPC VR will be focusing efforts on  immersive exploration across industries including Advertising, Feature film, Architecture, Entertainment Content and Experiential event production.

“I’m thrilled to be heading up MPC VR, and to be continuing to build our portfolio and R&D in this expanding area. We’re looking to collaborate with the creative industry and bring VR concepts to life with the same level of visual and technical expertise MPC is known for in it’s advertising and feature film work,” said Dillon.


The team at MPC VR will be fully integrated with Technicolor’s Research and Innovation (R&I). Utilising their expertise for VR and augmented reality (AR) including 2D stitching workflow, 360 stereo virtual cameras and real-time rendering solutions. This partnership will help to drive the creative technology advantage needed in bringing VR to the marketplace.

MPC MD for Advertising, Graham Bird explains; “We’ve built a new production framework for both rendered and real-time VR experiences. Now we’re taking this to the next level and engaging with our Clients across Advertising and Film. Our VR/AR team is focused on creating original and unique experiences that are high in visual quality, impactful, memorable and technically forward looking.”

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest updates from MPC VR and report back.