Michael Bay to Launch a Series of AR Comics

While augmented reality (AR) is being adopted by heavy industry or the marketing sector, that doens’t mean to say the entertainment industry is missing out. Michael Bay, the Hollywood director behind the Transformers franchise and the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot is setting his sights on creating comic books through his 451 Media Group using AR technology.

Wired.co.uk reports that Bay is already pulling some of Hollywood’s creative elite into the fold including, Swordfish’s Skip Woods,  Black Mass’ Mark Mallouk, novelist Clay McLeod Chapman, Con Air’s Scott Rosenberg, visual effects artists Peter and Paul Williams and The Wire’s George Pelecanos.


The idea is to use Touchcode, a ‘thinking ink’ technology that can open digital media from a physical product, instead of more the more traditional paper based comics. This crossover will be unveiled by 451 Media Group at Octobers New York Comic-Con. 451 Media CEO Doug Nunes said in a statement: “We discover great stories by way of our team of top-notch writers, screenwriters and authors and then work with our technology partners to turn those stories into truly immersive entertainment experiences.” Those partners include online video portal Machinima and China’s Guangdong Alpha Animation as an investor.

With the superhero business set to grow ever larger with more comics and movie adaptations on the way, hopefully AR will have further potential to immerse fans in their favourite comic book worlds. VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest announcements regarding AR and report back.