Kat Walk Achieves Kickstarter Funding Goal and Adds Updates

Kat Walk the omni-directional treadmill from Chinese company KatVR, achieved its Kickstarter campaign funding goal of $100,000 USD after only 19 days, hitting the target on the 31st July. The company has now revealed updates to the design and its stretch goals.

VRFocus reported on the campaigns launch last month where KatVR’s omni-directional treadmill has been designed to be as unrestrictive as possible giving the user 360 degrees of continuous movement within a small space. Other omni-directional treadmills have a ring around the waist which can feel restrictive, instead the Kat Walk  has an over-head support with a suspended harness that can hold up to 308lbs (140kg) in weight. Without a ring or column surrounding you, it allows you to chop, wave, pick, beat, kick, run sharply and more.


KatVR has so far achieved $111,306 USD from 184 backers and is now looking towards its revealed stretch goals. The first goal is at $120,000 USD to add foldable wheels to the Kat Walk to easily move the unit around without disassembly. At $150,000 USD the company will add a matt ivory colour option alongside the classic matt black and at $180,000 USD will be adjustable shoe covers.

The Kat Walk has also been undergoing improvements to the prototype to make the unit lighter, stronger and more durable prior to manufacture.

VRFocus will continue to report on KatVR’s progress with the Kat Walk as more detail are announced.